ENEOS GLOBE Corporation operates several electric power businesses, leveraging the strengths of the ENEOS Group.

We currently supply electric power as a primary distributor through two services: ENEOS Denki, and Marubeni Power.

Electricity Distribution

We have been supplying electric power as a primary distributor for ENEOS Denki and Marubeni Power since 2016.


ENEOS Denki is an electricity service provided by ENEOS Corporation, which launched its electric power business in 2003 when it began providing electricity for commercial use. In 2016, with the deregulation of Japan's electric power industry, it began selling electricity for residential use as a new power provider.


Marubeni Power

Marubeni Power is an electric power service provided by Marubeni Power Retail Corporation. The Marubeni Group launched its electric power business in 2002, and entered the electric power retail business in 2016 with the establishment of Marubeni Power Retail Corporation.

Marubeni Power

Mega Solar Power Generation

We have constructed the LPG industry's largest mega solar power generation facility on a site in Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture.
The facility is equipped with approximately 15,000 solar panels, generating a maximum output of approximately 4 million kWh per year—enough to supply approximately 1,100 households.

写真:Mega Solar Power Generation